Is there an ATM on the island?

Yes, there is an ATM at the corner store

Are there bike rentals on the island?


Is there public or private camping (campgrounds) on the island?

No, there are NO public or private campgrounds. If you want to stay over, you need to rent a room or house (see Lodging for more information)

Is there a doctor on the island?

Yes - LIMITED EMERGENCY medical care in July and August ONLY. The doctors get free vacation housing in return for giving basic medical care to all comers. Limited facilities, but very handy for minor issues. Major issues need to travel to the mainland, and emergencies are dealt with MediVac choppers from Boston.

Hours are @ Avalon House: 8am-9am

If you are interested in being a doctor, please email doctors@cuttyhunk.net

Are dogs allowed on the island?

Yes, but as always, be polite. Leash your dog in any public areas (on the street, near houses, etc.).

Are there places to rent fishing equipment on the island?

No - you'll have to bring your own.

Is there hunting permitted on the island?


Are there kayaks available on the island?


Are there public shower facilities available?


Are golf carts available to rent?


Are there public toilets available?

Yes. Down by the Town Dock, there are public toilets.