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Listings - Do I have to pay for my listing?

  • No!
  • Basic Listings are FREE
  • Basic Listings include business name, info and one photo with thumbnail
  • Use the contact page to update us with your current info.

Email - Can I get a "myname" email address?

  • Yes! We can offer you a email address for FREE
  • Fill in the contact form with your request...please specify the email address you want (, a email account includes a regular (pop3) and a matching webmail account!

Advertising - How can I advertise on

  • Yes, we offer paid pages for $149/year/page on, eg.
  • If you need more than 1 page, we offer sub-sites ( or hosting of your own unique domain ( with links to for only $19.95/month ($239.40/billed annually)
  • Advertise your rental property or business with a dedicated page of photos and information. Just use the contact page to submit your text and email your photos to us, we bill you annually after the page is set up, and upon your approval ONLY.