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Cuttyhunk News August 3, 2004 - Boat hits reef and sinks!  
As of today we found out thru the harbormaster in Westport that the yacht was a 65' Hatteras.

The family of 5 was vacationing and they are from New York.There were another 2 fishing boats that helped us, but we never got their names. By my pictures I know one on the boats was named Dorsel Jr. from Cuttyhunk, MA and the other I'm not sure about, but one of them jumped in the water with my Aunt, Cheryl Rebello, to help swim the people onto another boat for safety. The boat with no name jumped in first, then us. He grabbed the 4 year old boy and put him on their boat.

At that point another boat, Dorsel Jr. came to help. My aunt and that other man then helped the captain of the sinking yacht throw a inflatable raft into the water. They then helped the rest of the family (the husband, wife, a 1 year old boy and 12 year old girl get into the raft and up onto Dorsel Jr.

The captain of the boat with no name called in the distress call to the coast guard. By that time, another 5 boats had come to see what happened. This whole ordeal went on for over 1/2 hour and still no coast guard or harbor patrol came. The water and air was filled with diesel fuel nobody could stand the smell. We were all covered in it from the water.

The people that helped that day were incredibly brave for helping as the yacht sank even more. I heard the captain of the yacht was cruising at 27 knots(35mph) and thought he was on the other side of the reef. At 2:30 pm we left to head back into Westport Harbor because we were getting sick. At that point I still never saw the coast guard.


  Reporter: Stepanie Medeiros, Westport, MA  
  Photos: Stepanie Medeiros, Westport, MA  
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