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Welcome to! and our favorite island, Cuttyhunk, MA!

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Getting to Cuttyhunk!


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Cuttyhunk Ferry Co.
66B State Pier,
South Bulkhead,
New Bedford, MA 02740



Adult Fare
One Way—$28.00
Round-Trip (same day)—$45.00

Child’s Fare (12 and under)
One Way—$23.00
Round-Trip (same day)—$35.00

Commuter 10 Pass—$250.00

Seahorse Cuttyhunk Water Taxi
Captain John Paul Hunter
PO Box 151
Cuttyhunk, MA 02713
508-789-3250 Booking
508-728-1072  Billing
$35 per adult
$20 per child
$1 per box

Cuttyhunk Freight

Mr. Brown

Look for the BLUE pickup either near the dock or barreling down the road!

Perfect for bringing your luggage or freight from the dock to your house/rental/business.

$2/per bag delivered....and tip well...he gives great service!

  American Eagle Bus Lines 508-993-5040 New England bus line with trips to connect with the ferries in New Bedford.
As of 2007, the MV Alert II no longer plies the route from New Bedford to Cuttyhunk. An era has ended!
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