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Welcome to! and our favorite island, Cuttyhunk, MA!

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2012.08 - New York Times article  
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2007.07 - New photo album with 2006 photos posted!
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2006.12 - Power and Motoryacht magazine article about Cuttyhunk Island!  

View from the top of Cuttyhunk Island, from the Navy Lookout bunker towards the north!


  • Cuttyhunk Island is part of the Town of Gosnold, in the Commonwealth of Massachusets.
  • Cuttyhunk Island rests 12 miles south of New Bedford, MA and 8 miles west of Gay Head, Martha's Vineyard.
  • Cuttyhunk Island is a place to do a whole lot of nothing.
  • Cuttyhunk Island has a small beach (which seems to have sand that moves about every year!), a great harbor, good fishing, a few dozen houses, some great ice cream(!), and some beautiful hiking trails.
  • Cuttyhunk does not have discos, bars, malls, a singles scene, a party life, video games, parking lots, traffic, or much action.
  • What Cuttyhunk does have is a quiet, isolated, beautiful, ocean environment, perfect for getting in touch with yourself and your family, or just catching up with your reading!
  • Cuttyhunk is famous for fishing and relaxing.

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