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Welcome to! and our favorite island, Cuttyhunk, MA!

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Cuttyhunk, MA - Sights    
Naval Lookout
Top of the Hill
Beautful 360% views.
Incredible sunrise and sunsets.
  Sunrise from the Lookout.  
Naval Artillery Batteries Built during WWII, these look posts were manned by the Navy to watch for incoming German ships and submarines (aka U-boots, or UnterSeeBoots)  
"Wind" series of novels featuring Cuttyhunk "resident" Kirsten Eriksson. OK, it's not strictly a "sight" per se, but this series of 3 mystery novels with historical
overtones features a Cuttyhunk Islander of Icelandic descent as one of the main characters.

Gosnold Monument   Notice the "modern" tower on the right which is a CG nav light which replaced the old Cuttyhunk lighthouse.
Nature Preserve / Cliff Walk Lovely hike from the Avalon to the Ponds.

Just follow the road from past the Fishing Club and the Avalon.

Please pay attention to the Private Property signs!
Cuttyhunk Cemetary Visit the graves of generations of Cuttyhunk islanders.  
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