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Cuttyhunk, MA - History      
  PreHistory Cuttyhunk, Elizbeth Islands, Cape Cod formed by glaciers retreating ice age. Notice  
  Early History Name Cuttyhunk derives from Indian name Poocutohhunkunnoh.  
  17th Century 1602 Bartholomew Gosnold lands at Cuttyhunk. Stays 22 days. First? settlement in America?  
    1641 Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket solt to Thomas Mayhew. Mayhew given right to plant Elizabeth Islands.  
    1688 Peleg Sanford bought all of Cuttyhunk, sold half to Ralph Earle of Dartmouth. His son RE Jr. became the first permanent settler.  
    1691 Control of Cuttyhunk passes from the New York Dutch to the English Massachusetts Bay Colony.  
    1693 Peleg Slocum of Dartmouth bought Cuttyhunk, Nashawena and Penikese and grazed sheep on the islands.  
    1688 Ralph Earle Jr. becomes first permanent resident of Cuttyhunk.  
    1759 Paul Cuffee, noted black mariner, born on Cuttyhunk.  
  18th Century Home of Cuttyhunk Pilots, guiding ships thru the dangerous waters of Vineyard Bay  
    1765 First Cuttyhunk Lighthouse erected.  
    1790 Census: 103 people live on Elizabeth Islands.  
    1863 Chilmark loses jurisdiction. Town of Gosnold formed. Cuttyhunk Fishing Club buys most of island from Slocum family.  
    1873 Cuttyhunk school built.  
    1881 Methodist Church built.  
    1888 Bosworth House opened.  
  19th Century 1890 Lifesaving station built  
    1892 Cuttyhunk Library built.  
    1892 AQUATIC disaster of Sow and Pigs Reef. 5 islanders perish.  
  20th Century 1903 Gosnold monument erected.  
    1913 Avalon house built for William M. Wood  
    1917 Winter house built by Mr. Wood  
    1920 Wood buys Cuttyhunk Fishing Club.  
    1924 Whaling bark WANDERER aground at West End  
    1924 Town Hall built.  
    1935 Cuttyhunk Yacht Club founded.  
    1941 Army installs coastal artillery and lookouts.  
    1947 Old West End lighthouse replaced by steel tower.  
    1948 Cuttyhunk Fishing Club sold to Moore family.  
    1956 Cuttyhunk Yacht Club reorganized.  
    1959 First International Swordfish tournament organized.  
    1964 USCG Station closed.  
    1978 Cuttyhunk Historial society founded.  
    1984 Cuttyhunk Harbor Commission founded. Public moorings installed.  
    1987 Ferry ALERT (1917) replaced by ALERT II.  
    1993 Dump closes. USCG boathouse given to town. Fishing Club bought by Muriel Wood Ponzecchi, descendant of original owner.  
  21st Century 2004 founded!  
    2006 NEW Cuttyhunk Ferry Company founded to complete with the ferry MV Alert  
    2007 Ferry MV Alert II stops service after 20 years.  
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